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ComposeKey – Samsung Omnia Pro – B7610 & B7620

I don’t like the default behavior of the Samsung Omnia Pro composer key, so I wrote several apps to modify the behavior.
Default behavior: Opening Samsung Composer Application (see image below)

Currently I only list these tools who change the behavior of the ComposeKey on the Samsung Omnia Pro B7610 – B7620. None of these tools are running processes.
All tools are optimized for speed & minimal memory use. They are only executed when you press the Compose key on your B7610 – B7620.

ComposeKey - BackslashComposeKey - Backslash (492)act like key
ComposeKey - TabComposeKey - Tab (521)act like Tab key 1
ComposeKey - Ctrl AComposeKey - Ctrl A (473)act like ctrl+A
ComposeKey - Ctrl A Ctrl CComposeKey - Ctrl A Ctrl C (464)act like ctrl+A followed by ctrl+C
ComposeKey - Ctrl A Ctrl XComposeKey - Ctrl A Ctrl X (466)act like ctrl+A followed by ctrl+X
ComposeKey - Ctrl CComposeKey - Ctrl C (440)act like ctrl+C
ComposeKey - Ctrl VComposeKey - Ctrl V (432)act like ctrl+V
ComposeKey - Ctrl XComposeKey - Ctrl X (421)act like ctrl+X
ComposeKey - Ctrl ZComposeKey - Ctrl Z (428)act like ctrl+Z
ComposeKey - Open Email ComposeNewComposeKey - Open Email ComposeNew (414)directly open a new email
ComposeKey - Open Email InboxComposeKey - Open Email Inbox (430)directly go to the email inbox
ComposeKey - Open SMS ComposeNewComposeKey - Open SMS ComposeNew (460)directly open a new sms
ComposeKey - Open SMS InboxComposeKey - Open SMS Inbox (443)directly go to the sms inbox
ComposeKey - Polish V3.1ComposeKey - Polish V3.1 (537)specially for polish users, change regular characters to polish characters
a -> ą   c -> ć   e -> ę   l -> ł
n -> ń   o -> ó   s -> ś   z -> ź
Update Change V3.1:
z -> ż  and  x -> ź   (as it should be, thx to .:stn:.)

How to use Polish cab ?
Press the compose key within range of 3 characters of the character needs to be changed.
The closest changeable character from the left of the cursor will be changed.

Note: You don’t need to restart the device! WM installer thinks that it is needed but it isn’t. (in this case)
When you make a cab, you can’t decide if the device needs a reboot or not. WM installer makes that decision.

1 Known issue with the Samsung software keyboard
If you press compose key (tab) you get a T9 option menu of the Samsung software keyboard.
If you select the windows keyboard (or another), you don’t have this issue.
If you had a real TAB key on your physical keyboard, it would be exactly the same behavior.
This is a ‘bug’ of the poorly written Samsung software keyboard.
If you would like a simular software keyboard, try using: FingerKeyBoard dev.by XDA


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